Professional skating tuition, roller discos and birthday parties

About Flowskate

Flowskate has been established since 2007, and is your first stop for professional skating tuition, roller discos and skating birthday parties.

Skating Tuition

Personal inline skating tuition in recreational, skatepark and slalom .

Roller Discos

Learn to skate at our roller disco events across Greater Manchester and Cheshire .

Birthday Parties

Music, fun and games at our roller disco parties, tailored to your needs .

Schools & Communities

Structured classes and events for students of all ages and abilities .

Flowskate's founder Leo Oppenheim

About Flowskate’s Founder

Flowskate’s founder Leo Oppenheim has been skating for 20 years and has 9 years of qualified experience in teaching the full range of skating disciplines, both on an individual basis and to classes and parties. Leo is certified by the ICP, BRSF and Skate IA in skating instruction.
“At Flowskate we pride ourselves in being professional at what we do. With years of experience, we can tailor our service to suit your needs. Inline skating is an excellent pastime for adults and children alike, and is proven to have psychological and physical benefits when taught correctly.”

What are the Benefits of Skating?

  • Strength and conditioning
  • Cardiovascular fitness
  • Weight loss
  • Motor coordination
  • Increased confidence
  • Mental toughness
  • Body awareness
Flowskate's Leo teaching some kids how to skate
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Recreational Tuition

Recreational skating is the pursuit of rollerblading for fitness and social benefits. This kind of skating is generally done on smooth flat surfaces and is normally focused on technique and flow.

Flowskate can provide you with all the skills that you need as a recreational skater, from the very first strides of the beginner to the veteran looking for some new moves to up their game.

One of the most important techniques you need to learn when skating is how to fall. If a skater can learn to fall correctly and painlessly, they will be much more inclined to try new techniques with confidence.

Flowskate beginner sessions focus not only on the basic stride 1 and heel break stop techniques but also on falling.
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Skatepark Tuition

Flowskate has expert knowledge when it comes to teaching one to one or group sessions in the skatepark environment. Leo Oppenheim developed a certification with pro slalom skater Naomi Grigg that has been taken on by Skate IA and is now being taught worldwide. Click below for more details.


Aggressive skating originated from recreational skating i.e. navigating an outdoor environment such as pavements or roads on skates. It has since evolved to become an individual discipline within the skating community, with professionals competing in top-level events around the world. It involves skating, grinding and jumping on a variety of terrains such as ramps, rails, stairs and ledges.

Flowskate has been involved with numerous community projects in skate parks throughout the UK, giving young people and adults a comprehensive approach to aggressive skating – from the fundamentals of skate park etiquette, to navigating ramps, to the more advanced level tricks.

Flowskate has worked with a number of organisations in the UK teaching group classes and sessions. Skate parks can be a dangerous and intimidating place for new riders so education and awareness can greatly increase participation in the sport!

Here is a Skate park Etiquette video that we worked on in conjunction with Rampworx in Liverpool, one of Europe’s largest skate parks:
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Slalom Tuition

Slalom skating is a discipline of skating that involves performing tricks around a straight line of equally spaced cones.

Flowskate is qualified to teach Slalom through the ICP’s slalom instructor program which was taught by renowned slalomer Naomi Grigg (Author of the Art of Falling).

As a result of this, we have all the knowledge you need to be introduced into this excellent field of skating. As well as being incredibly fun, slalom is also a great way to improve other attributes of your skating.

Flowskate incorporate the basics of slalom into its teaching sessions wherever possible as not only is it a great tool to drastically improve technique but is also great fun!

It is advised that skaters wear pads at all times. As well as pads providing protections and significantly reducing the risk of injury, they also greatly assist your confidence when learning new skills, and in turn increase your ability.
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Roller Discos

Flowskate Roller Discos are a fantastic way to learn the basics of inline skating while having fun!

Our sessions are tailored for every level of skater from the complete beginner to the experienced rider looking to learn something new.
We also cater for birthday parties and events away from our normal centres on a regular basis too, so please contact us if you have any enquiries.


  • No need to book!
  • £5 Entry fee
  • Skate hire (£1)
  • Certified tuition
  • Latest chart music
  • Awesome disco lighting
  • Games to suit all abilities

Watch our video for a taste of Flowskate Roller Discos

Times and Locations

Sale Leisure Centre
Sale M33 2AL

Fridays 6:15-8:00pm

Astley Sports Village
Dukinfield, Hyde SK16 5BL

Saturdays 6.15-8.00pm

Ashton-on-Mersey School
Sale M33 5BP

Sundays 3.45-5.30pm

Cheshire County Sports Club
Plas Newton Lane, Chester CH2 1PR

Saturdays  6.15-8.00pm

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Birthday Parties

Looking for a fun unique birthday party for your kids or loved ones? Flowskate can provide a mobile roller disco party for you!

Includes skate hire, certified tuition, the latest chart music (custom playlist included!), lighting, games to suit all levels and a ramp to jump! (assisted by staff).

For a party of up to fifteen people for an hour we charge 125 (pre roller disco session-hall hire not included). This includes DJ, lighting, skate hire and at least two members of staff teaching.

We also bring a ramp and have a member of staff on either side helping them over it (this is very safe, loads of fun and makes for a great photo opportunity).

There would also be a customised playlist of your child’s favourite music, a Flowskate party invite form for you to send out and games within the hour to suit participants levels and abilities.

Prices for larger numbers and longer parties are as follows :

  • Up to 15 people for 1 hour = £125
  • 16-25 for 1hr = £150
  • 26-40 for 1hr =£175
  • 41-60 for 1hr = £200
  • 61-80 for 1hr = £225
  • 81-100 1hr = £250
Here are a few testimonials from Flowskate parties:


A happy young skater!
We would like to thank Leo and the Flowskate staff for putting on a superb 7th birthday for our son, Ralph. In his words, “That was the best party…..ever!” It was truly

Flowskate managed to get all 12 kids, mostly complete beginners, to be up and confidently skating, skate-dancing, slaloming, stopping, turning, jumping, even playing musical statues in rollerblades!! Astonishing!

Flowskate were completely, organised, professional and most of all. Fun! The kids were in awe! I had complete confidence in Leo that the children were in very safe hands, and with Leo’s personality, he has the children’s full attention – a natural teacher! Isobel Hill and Alan Davies, Macclesfield

My son recently had a FlowSkate roller disco party for his 7th birthday and it was awesome!
I personally had a little apprehension at the thought of 23 kids on wheels but thanks to Flowskate’s excellent tuition and ability to control so many excited kids it went perfectly.

I can’t explain how much fun all the kids had. Everything went exactly as we’d hoped thanks to Flowskate, from the moment they arrived until the time they left we were provided with exceptional service. Highly recommended. James, Becky and Leo (7) Maxwell

Flowskate's Leo teaching a young boy to skate
Flowskate's Leo teaching a young girl to skate alongside her mother
Leo – my son’s hero!! What an amazing party Leo put on for my son’s 6th birthday. Entertaining 7 six year olds is always going to be a bit of a challenge but Leo gave them all a morning full of fun & giggles.

Several of the children had never skated before but Leo worked his magic and they were allskating by the end of the session.. All skates were provided for the children and a full safety demo was given before they began to skate.

He was great at giving the kids the confidence to try something new, making them feel at ease, and making it loads of fun. All children left the party asking when they could go skating again, especially after seeing Leo pull off some back flips!!

I’d recommend Leo for lessons to anyone that wants to try skating, to improve their skating or for an awesome party as my son’s was!! Anon

If you are thinking of booking a birthday party or have questions to ask, please contact us and we can talk through your requirements.

contact us
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Schools & Communities

Flowskate has a wealth of experience teaching classes and events in many schools and communities throughout the UK.

Classes and events will be tailored to suit students’ ability levels and age. From weekly programs running throughout the terms to single roller disco events as a reward for students, we can cater to your needs.
Classes are structured and students are given achievable goals, and come away from the sessions feeling confident and positive!


Flowskate's Leo with some students
Flowskate have delivered rollerblading at Bury College for the past 3 years. Being able to deliver such a unique activity, on site, at college has meant a large number of students have been able to access it.

Sessions have helped the college to engage inactive students and develop them to take part in physical activity regularly.  Students have learnt new skills while being involved in such a fun, social environment. 

A big thanks to Leo and his team for delivering and making the sessions so successful. Scott Carnegie, Sports Maker Bury College

Leo delivered a five week programme of rollerskating to our Year 3 pupils. The aim of the sessions was to teach the pupils to skate, through hard work, perseverance and of course fun. 99% of pupils enjoyed the sessions, felt they had improved dramatically and would recommend it to others.

They found Leo an excellent teacher and someone who made learning fun.

We would overwhelmingly recommend using FlowSkate to promote excellence and enjoyment in sport as well as developing pupils’ physical and emotional literacy. Simon Blaine, Deputy Head Teacher St Vincent's Catholic Primary School

Flowskate with some happy school pupils

Pupils’ Comments

I LOVE rollerblading now. It is very fun and Leo is a very good teacher.
I have definitely improved. Before I couldn’t skate but now I can go really fast.
Before taking part, I felt nervous, excited and worried. Also scared because I didn’t want to slip and people to laugh at me. I feel more confident now because Leo helped me if I fell or was struggling.
I am definitely going to continue rollerskating. It was so much fun and I could see how much I had improved by the end. I can’t wait to go to Leo’s roller discos.
If you’re new to inline skating and need to buy your own equipment, then visit our online equipment store, Flowshop.
Flowshop aims to provide a quality personal service and the best equipment on the market at competitive prices.

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